in front of us Presents: Faces Places by Agnès Varda

November 2, 2017

in front of us screening of Faces Places, the most recent film by Agnès Varda at the Crowley Theater this Thursday at 7:30 pm.
The film, which Varda co-directed with the French photography and muralist, JR, was awarded the Golden Eye award for Best Documentary at Cannes Film Festival this year. The screening is free but seating is limited. Thank you to Marfa Live Arts for supporting in front of us film screenings.

Review in the The New York Times:

At 89, Agnès Varda is an artist with nothing to prove and everything to discover. A small woman with a two-toned pageboy and an open, unsentimental manner, she is an ideal traveling companion: a wise and canny guide, an impetuous risk-taker, a trusted friend.

Her recent documentaries, while not exactly confessional, are unabashedly personal, infused with her voice, her eye, her wry and rueful on-camera presence. Each film is a map of her thinking, a record of her musings and insights as she explores parts of the modern world — especially but not exclusively France — that less attentive voyagers might overlook.

The latest of these adventures, “Faces Places,” finds Ms. Varda in the company of a younger comrade, the 34-year-old French photographer and environmental artist known as JR. Together they set out on a series of meandering road trips through agricultural and industrial towns, talking to people and taking their pictures. (The French title, “Visages Villages,” is more specific than the English version about the kinds of places that interest them.) JR’s van is equipped with a printer that produces portraits big enough to cover the sides of barns, houses and apartment buildings and even, magnificently, a towering stack of shipping containers.

Faces Places is the first in a series of films by Varda which in front of us will present in November. Varda, whose works include Cleo from 5 to 7, La Pointe Courte, Jacquot de Nantes, The Gleaners and I, The Beaches of Agnes, among many others, was a leading filmmaker of the French New Wave movement and has continued to make innovative and influential works to the present.