(Annex) The Marfa Stratum: How much of you is repetition

Thursday 27 June, 2013, 8pm

Admission: free

An Artists’ Talk by Fabien Giraud and Ida Soulard

The Marfa Stratum is an ongoing project made of two distinct elements : 1) a series of scultpures speculating on the geological becoming of human formations in the form of synthetically aggregated core samples, 2) a book unfolding the complex dynamics which have come to constitute this particular “human event stratum”.

This talk will present the state of our research at the term of our 2 months residency at Fieldwork Marfa.

It will speculate on an ever repeating Marfa: our present stuck in an infinite geological loop where Marfa rises and vanishes in an everlasting oscillation over millions of years. The conference will address the possibility of creating a map of this situation and ways to navigate through it.

Presented By: Marfa Book Company and Fieldwork Marfa

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